Writing for Children


  • “Tambourine Time,” Highlights High Five, May 2023
  • “Sidewalk Art Show,” Ladybug, February 2023
  • “Piano Play,” Babybug, November/December 2022
  • “Family Time,” Babybug, July/August 2022
  • “Unfurry Friends,” Ladybug, March 2022
  • “New Year Cheer,” Ladybug, January 2022
  • “Baking Day,” Ladybug, November/December 2021
  • “Ding-Dong!,” Babybug, November/December 2021
  • “Scribble Art,” Babybug, October 2021
  • “Use Your Noodle!,” Spider, September 2021
  • “Backyard Bird-Watcher,” Babybug, April 2021
  • “Xylophone Fun,” Babybug, April 2021
  • “Parachute Play,” Babybug, January 2021
  • “Picking Blueberries,” Ladybug, July/August 2020
  • “Beach Buddies,” Babybug, July/August 2019
  • “Sunflower Fort,” Ladybug (forthcoming)
  • “Taxi Trike,” Babybug (forthcoming)
  • “Zucchini from Outer Space,” Highlights (forthcoming)
  • “Snack Time,” Babybug (forthcoming)
  • “Tree Dance,” Ladybug (forthcoming)
  • “One-Hand Band,” Highlights Hello (forthcoming)
  • “Showtime,” Highlights Hello (forthcoming)

Writing for Teachers

15 Minutes a Day to a Colossal Vocabulary

by Kathleen Bahr and Lisa Hughes

Kids will learn a gazillion great vocabulary words with these super-engaging daily activities including parts-of-speech sorts, vocabulary dictionaries, wearable words, vocabulary basketball, wild word riddles, and much more. A wonderful way to enrich writing and help kids soar on standardized tests!